Always be thinking of your car tyre care.  Check your tyre pressures every 2 weeks, or at least once a month and also before making a journey at speed. Correct pressure is a factor in your safety, fuel economy and length of a tyres life. This check should be performed “cold” (ambient temperature before driving anywhere). Don’t forget the spare tyre and adhere to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

car-changing-tyre changing a wheel

Replace the valve every time you change a tyre. It guarantees airtightness and contributes to the life of your tyres, but deteriorates with the centrifugal force created whilst driving..

Balancing is vital to suppress vibration. It helps avoid premature wear on tyres but also on the suspension, steering and wheel bearings.

Have your wheel alignment (tracking) checked every 6 months. This insures correct tyre direction and an even weight distribution. By this you will avoid any irregular or abnormally rapid wear on your tyres as incorrect geometry causes abnormal wear.