Our Mechanics at Automotif are experienced, trained and fully qualified and are worlds apart in ability from fitters. Our competitive pricing is simply down to tight profit margins.

Whereas most people can cook a meal, how many would have the proficiency of a chef and the ability to serve up such an array of perfectly cooked and scrumptious dishes. This is pretty much the same difference between fitters (or otherwise referred to as technicians) and their counterparts, the qualified and experienced mechanics.

Correct diagnosis and experienced workmanship is the key to successful and low cost car and van repairs. The cheapest initial price of car repairs and car maintenance most often turns out to be the most expensive. Much the same as you would not expect to get the same quality from a takeaway.

At Automotif we take great pride in our mechanical abilities and it has proven to be a key ingredient in our success to date. Should you have any vehicle mechanical repair needs, then call in to us and you’ll see why we have such a large band of loyal repeat custom.