Suspension Systems

The suspension system of your vehicle is a multitude of metal arms and rods mounted together by their rubber bushings and joints. It is these rubber bushings and joints that corrode and deteriorate under the constant strain. There is then an inherent knock on effect from a faulty bushing giving you further problems if it is not repaired or replaced. Frequent inspection by a qualified mechanic is advisable and in particular if you hear or feel a knocking sound coming from the underside of your vehicle. Incorrect tyre wear is a costly side effect of a faulty suspension as it will have the effect of tilting your wheel, resulting in heavy wear to one side of the tyre.

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At Automotif we carry out a full inspection of all suspension parts during the wheel alignment process. You are assured of expert advise and adjustment from our experienced and qualified mechanics.

Steering Systems

To ensure you get value from your tyre purchase it is imperative that your steering is aligned correctly. Incorrect steering alignment is by far the greatest factor in tyre wear and along with being dangerous to drive with, it is also going to hurt your pocket. The importance here is that all wheels are pointed in the same direction. This then eliminates drag and rubbing of the side of misaligned tyres.

Shock Absorbers

Remember that your used car does not have as strong a suspension and structure as when it left the factory and it is for this reason we at Automotif highly recommend Monroe Shock Absorbers. Monroe manufacture their Shocks 20% stronger than those originally fitted to compensate for the wear and tear. But it horses for courses so we supply a range of different manufacturers at different pricing levels. Whatever the chose, we promise to give you value for money.

What Are Shock Absorbers for?

Imagine you are traveling on an underground train, which does not have a suspension. Now as the rails deviate side-to-side slightly, so does the entire train, and its passengers. In your car the tyres will help this problem but effectively we add springs to take the impacts and side motions. But now you would just bounce along the road like a bongo with the car responding to all road conditions, sways and braking maneuvers, throwing the car body in all directions. So we add Shock Absorbers or dampeners whose job it is to keep the suspension at as full a travel as possible from the given road conditions and essentially keep your wheels firmly on the road and also to absorb any larger-than-average bumps in the road so that the shock isn’t transmitted to the car chassis and suspension.

So you see the Shock Absorbers are not just for bumps for without them you also induce travel sickness, deterioration of suspension components and weaken the braking capacity of the car.