Poor quality cheap batteries are common place in Ireland as they are imported and labelled to the preference of the retailer. They are then presented to the customer as a quality battery at a not so cheap price and the seller pockets the extra profit. At Automotif we only supply and fit quality batteries from original equipment battery manufacturers, are of top quality and at very competitive prices.



Too often we meet customers who tell us that their mechanic tested their battery and recommend that it be replaced, when proper tests have not been carried out. A regular fault in cars is that the regulator in the alternator fails. This results in too much charge going to the battery which heats the liquid and evaporates. Finally the battery will fail and to all it will appear to be a faulty battery. In the majority of cases the battery will recharge when topped up with deionised water and you may not need to replace your battery.

At Automotif we will test your alternator and measure the voltage it is generating to the battery. This may determine a battery replacement as being needless expense and not correcting the electrical issue. If the alternator is faulty, we will remove it for reconditioning or replace it with a new unit.

The vast majority of European models since 2001 have been fitted with a “Smart Charge” electrical system and require a Silver Alloy battery. A “Smart Charge” sends intermittent 14 to 18 volt surges to the battery as opposed to the older system which sent a consistent 12 volt. The Silver Alloy battery has a stronger capacity but more so it is far more capable of dealing with the greater rate of expansion and contraction of the cells.