TPMS for Cars (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems)

You may be familiar with cars that have systems that tell when pressures are low these are called Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.  In the past they were a feature of higher end cars but from this TPMS they will be standard on all cars in Europe.  The goal is that there will be 100%% adoption  in Europe in 2014.  It has been present in the US in new cars since 2005 and is on all cars there since 2007.

These systems are called Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and are very useful in telling you what when your pressure is low.  Read the technical detail on TPMS on Wikipedia

Keeping the right pressure on your tyres ensures longer life of the tyre and also gives you greater safety.  A large percentage of cars that come into us have one or more of the tyres at the incorrect pressure (usually too low).  As a result your fuel economy, ride of the car and overall safety and braking distance is impacted.

If you don’t have such a system it is important that you go an check your pressure at least once a week as air escapes from tyres constantly.  Even a few PSI can make a difference.

We of course would love to sell you more tyres but often just good maintenance habits like keeping the pressure up helps a lot