Winter Tyres

As the weather is meant to turn bitterly cold over the coming days with talk of snow you are probably checking your tyres and you may to replace one or more of them. You have probably heard of winter tyres and think they are just for Europe with its heavy snowfalls every year.

This is far from the truth.  In the past winter tyres did fall into this bracket and you really couldn’t function properly during the warmer months (OK the non winter months) with them.  In Europe it is even illegal to drive without winter tyres.

Winter tyres now provide the superior grip and traction during the winter and function perfectly during all of the other months of the year.

The most important thing for you who may be cost conscious is that they are not hugely more expensive than their high quality counterpart.  Here in Automotif we promoting these tyres simply from the safety viewpoint.

A good quality Semperit or Continental will provide good grip but when you add the qualities of a winter tyre to an  icy road and poor driving conditions then its winter counterpart wins hands down. In addition you get that added confidence and road holding that means safety for you, your passengers and your vehicle.

Have a look at his video which shows a performance comparison.