50% Failure at NCT

Approx 50% of all cars that fail the NCT test, do so by failing on incorrect headlight aim. The issue here is that the vast majority of garages use a visual headlight beam measuring unit. This unit allows the mechanic to correct the alignment of the headlight beam to a line on the back wall of the beam box. The problems occur when testing at an NCT centre as they use a digitally calibrated unit which measures by degrees of angle and is far more precise.

The Solution

At Automotif we have installed the same equipment as the test centres to ensure that when we correct your alignment, you will pass the test. What’s more, we will check your alignment for free. We will only impose a charge if you require us to correct the alignment.

Worth noting is that if you fail on headlight alignment you will then be required to pay the NCT centre to retest your vehicle after you have gone and had them adjusted. Therefore come to us first and let us test them for you, result being,

A) Your alignment is correct, no fee and you will pass the test.
B) We adjust your headlights and you will pass the test.
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